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Ali's Bistro

Ali’s Bistro


You don’t have to be Italian to enjoy the comfort of a classic Italian dish. It’s almost an unwritten law that states when you take your first bite of that lasagna, you automatically become Italian by default! And for those moments during your unforgettable Fort Walton Beach getaway when your inner Italian rises to the surface, Ali’s Bistro is where you will want to be. Treating their guests like family (without expecting you to do dishes after!), the warm atmosphere and friendly vibe complement their classic Italian dishes quite nicely.

Ali’s Bistro in Fort Walton Beach – Located at 171 Brooks Street SE

Housed on the bottom floor of a three story office building designed to look like an old plantation house, Ali’s Bistro is easy to find in a sea of otherwise bland buildings. Forest green shutters frame oversized windows, complementing the crisp white the walls. A small outside dining area located off the side offers an awning in the same shade of green that provides cover from the sun on the hottest days of summer. Inside, a casually elegant décor blends nicely with the vibrant reds of their homemade sauces—probably not something they thought about when making their design choices, but we love color and that’s what we thought the first time we walked in!

The Menu

If you’re counting calories (and why would you do that on vacation?), Ali’s may not be the best place to visit, but there are ways for the determined! Enjoy an organically sourced salad; Ali’s Bistro Salad is made with a grilled chicken breast, sautéed mushrooms, ripe tomatoes, feta cheese, and topped with a light balsamic vinaigrette, making it a meal in itself. The seafood options can also be health conscious. The fish of the day will still taste sweet even when grilled!

For the rest of our guests, the menu is loaded with carbs and protein and gooey cheeses, from the stone-baked pizzas loaded with your favorite toppings to the chicken and veal dishes to the pastas that life would be so dull without. Whatever your flavor craving, Ali’s Bistro in Fort Walton Beach is here to please, and we haven’t even begun to discuss our favorite part of every meal: DESSERT! We’re old school in our tastes, and the cannolis served here are what we dream about every night, but every dessert is made to please! Offering a full bar and an extensive wine menu, this classic eatery has covered all the bases. Your meal will be more than just a plate of food; Ali’s offers a dining experience!

Time to Put Your Comfy Clothes On

After a large Italian meal, you’ll be ready to climb into the comfy clothes waiting for you back at your cozy condo from The Breakers. Sleep on those elastic waist shorts or sweats, pull on a tee shirt, and head out to the balcony for more magical moments you won’t find anywhere else. Reserve yours today!