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Bistro in Fort Walton Beach

Soi Bistro in Fort Walton Beach

234 Miracle Strip Parkway SW

Fort Walton Beach, Florida


Sushi is the delicacy of the moment, and if you’re thinking that sushi in Fort Walton Beach should be pretty fresh and tasty, well, we just have to tell you that you would be absolutely correct—especially when you taste the creations available at Soi Bistro in Fort Walton Beach! Open various hours every day of the week (their website will give you the exact times), the flavors of this special Asian restaurant will be something you dream about long after you are home again.

Located at 234 Miracle Strip Parkway SW

The building in which Soi Bistro in Fort Walton Beach is located is a modest structure, one that resembles the old photo huts that were so popular in the 80s (are we dating ourselves here?). In any case, the old-fashioned charm of the exterior is not repeated in the interior; walk inside and high ceilings, colorful walls, and tile and wood-like floors create a space that is both modern and chic. Lotus flower pendant lampshades hang over the bar, adding an Asian flair to the modern simplicity, and smiling sushi chefs and servers help add to the overall friendly atmosphere found inside.

The Menu of Soi Bistro in Fort Walton Beach

Sushi in Fort Walton Beach isn’t the only star of Soi Bistro’s comprehensive menu; it’s filled with Asian inspired meals of all kinds, and even if you aren’t a fan of raw fish, you’re sure to find something cooked that will be tantalizingly delicious! The starter menu includes old favorites such as spring rolls and wontons, plus new specialties that will intrigue and delight. Don’t pass on the squid salad—it will surprise you with its simple explosion of flavors. Lunch specials offered daily include sushi, sashimi, katsu, and yakisoba; each meal comes with miso soup and a choice of salad and a very reasonable price. Featuring sushi of every sort, the baked Makimono menu options are perfect choices for easing uncertain sushi eaters into the world of raw fish. Return of the Mac, made with blazin’ tuna, cucumber, avocado and topped with baked crab and escolar delight, and the Terminator, created with steak, bacon, cucumber, avocado and more of that baked crab and escolar delight are two very strong choices for your dining pleasures! This is definitely one of the best sushi in Fort Walton Beach!

Take Time to Savor Your Surroundings Too

A stop at Soi Bistro is bound to be a treat for the traveler that loves to taste their way through a vacation. However, making time for a meal here offers up more than just incredible sushi, but a chance to explore surrounding destinations that are just as delightful! Whether you’re looking for a stop that interests little ones or a place to settle in on the sand and under the sun, the options are vast and varied in this area of Fort Walton Beach. Whether you’re up for adventure before a stop at Soi Bistro or after a delicious meal, visitors are bound to be pleased with the fun ahead.

Liza Jackson Park

Just a short distance away from the savory Soi Bistro, guests who have indulged their palate can follow up a meal with waterfront play by making a stop at Liza Jackson Park. This open-air destination features the best of sand, shoreline, and sunshine for those that can’t wait to make the most of the great outdoors while they’re in town. Situated at 338 Miracle Strip Parkway SW, Liza Jackson Park hosts 1,000 feet of waterfront property dotted with pavilions for enjoying the view and playgrounds for little ones with excess energy to burn. Liza Jackson Park is a popular stop for those that are looking to enjoy time fishing as well and the landscape here includes a pier and boat launch to make that activity even more convenient. Whether you’re up for swimming, snorkeling, or working on a fantastic Florida tan, all the possibilities are available at Liza Jackson Park.

The Emerald Coast Science Center

When you’re traveling with little ones, it can sometimes be tricky to find stops to add to the itinerary that are fun, engaging, and educational as well. A stop at the nearby Emerald Coast Science Center checks every box on the list for visitors to Fort Walton Beach. Located at 31 Memorial Parkway SW, it doesn’t take long to reach this intriguing destination from Soi Bistro. The Emerald Coast Science Center is regarded as the area’s premier hands-on learning center where children and adults alike will find a reason to be thrilled through education. First established in 1989, the science center continues to be a place where visitors are invited to step outside the box and experience the world and science from new perspectives. Complete with a planetarium, the Emerald Coast Science Center hosts a variety of displays and exhibits that feature the best of topics ranging from electricity and light to the human body and what lies beyond in the cosmos.

Relax and Enjoy

With a full stomach and a happy heart, returning to your condo with The Breakers of Fort Walton Beach is the perfect ending to another perfect day in paradise. Reserve our resort rentals today and enjoy the best sushi in Fort Walton Beach! Check out the most popular events in Fort Walton Beach!