One of the best parts of heading out of town is taking advantage of your “home away home.” In Fort Walton Beach, that home away from home can be our unbelievable vacation condos, which each offer plenty of room to cook up some delicious, healthy coast meals in FWB. Use your hard-earned money to enjoy the many attractions in the city and save money on dinner by whipping up a quick meal yourself. Our vacation rentals have all the appliances you need to create any meal, including ovens. Here are a few quick and easy options you can cook in your vacation rental:

Make Your Own Pizza

While it might sound like a lot of work at first, making your own pizza is simple and delicious! You can make it even easier by picking up a few premade pizza crusts instead of making your own. Once you have the crusts, layer on some pizza sauce, cheese, your favorite toppings, and finish with some extra cheese on top—seriously, you can never have enough cheese! Your kids will love this hands-on dinner activity.


Another incredibly easy and tasty dinner option is the always popular pasta night. Pasta comes in all shapes and sizes, so make sure to get creative. Our vacation rentals will have all the pots and pans you need to boil up some pasta in a few minutes. Pasta takes only around 10-15 minutes to cook up properly, and if you make the sauce yourself, that takes about the same time as well. Make it interesting with a vodka tomato sauce or keep your meal classic with traditional pesto.

Salad Night

While the kids may not be the biggest fans, the quick and healthy way to a good meal is a salad. Pick out romaine or iceberg lettuce or go even healthier and choose spinach. Add shredded cheese, vegetables such as tomato, onion, cucumber and more, and maybe a little protein from chicken.

Grocery Options in Town

Fort Walton Beach has several options for where you can pick up your ingredients. Winn-Dixie is the local supermarket found at 99 Eglin Pkwy NE in Uptown. Euro Delights Grocery & Deli is the great local option in town; you can find at 246 Eglin Pkwy NE.

Enjoy Your Stay & Healthy Coast Meals in FWB

You can find the best lodging in town when you rent our luxury vacation condos in Fort Walton Beach. Enjoy fine amenities and close proximity to the beach. Call today and see which rentals are available for your stay!