Unique Characteristics of the Emerald Coast

The Emerald coast is a wonder to see. The beautiful clear emerald waters and sugary-white sand gives the place a mysteriousness about. It makes it unique and unlike any other place you’ve seen before. There is a uniqueness about it that makes it a special place. Compiled is a list of 4 unique characteristics that make the Emerald Coast a must see destination to put on your bucket list. It is the perfect vacation destination and the best repeat weekend stop. The Emerald Coast is known for it’s signature white sand, turquoise waters, as well as other natural occurrences, like dune lakes and the nearby barrier islands.

  •  Pure White Sand: So what makes the emerald coast’s sand so white? They are so white because they are formed by Appalachian quartz, keeping the sand cool in the evening. The sediment is washed down the Apalachicola River and into the Gulf of Mexico, where it is then brought back to the coast by the currents. Have you ever heard it squeek?
  • Emerald Waters: These signature waters are caused by the purity and clarity of the water, which allows visibility and light penetration. The other factors include the shallowness of the water and the fact that it is reflective of the sun off the pure white sand, making the water sparkle like the gem it is named after.
  • Dune Lakes: If you haven’t experienced this natural phenomenon then it is a must see for you while on the Emerald Coast. Native to the Gulf Coast of Florida, dune lakes are rare, only being found in a few places on earth. South Walton County in itself contains 15 dune lakes. Two of the more popular dunes lakes are in the State parks of Topsail Preserve and Deer Lake. They are stunning ecosystems that combine fresh and saltwater. They are truly a magnificent site to see and part of what makes the Emerald Coast so unique.
  • Barrier Islands: The Emerald coast is home to the three barrier islands of St. George Island, Santa Rosa Island, and Okaloosa Island. Each come with their own beauty and mysteriousness. They give ample opportunity for outdoor water activities and natural scenery enjoyment. Not to mention they are some of the best places to fully experience the wonders of the Emerald coast and relax on the beach. The islands remain to be part of the best of the Emerald Coast.

Now that you know a little more about the Emerald Coast I am sure you are itching to plan your next trip to visit this stunning area. Booking at the Breakers of Fort Walton Beach is where all the action begins. You get to be in the calm setting of the Emerald Coast, within driving distance of all that is mentioned above. The beach is just steps away and you need not leave your balcony to breathe in the salty air and take in the sight of the emerald water and white sand.




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