Some people are morning people, awakening easily and ready to face what each new day brings them with anticipation and eagerness that, quite frankly, escapes us! Our mornings are greeted with groans and grunts and half-closed eyes until the first few sips of that blissful caffeine hit our system. Once our coffee has been ingested, the promise of the new day is more apparent, and our poor families understand that it is then safe to communicate with us once again. If you feel our pain and are worried that you won’t find the brew that keeps you perky on your Fort Walton Beach vacation, never fear. Our goal to ensure your getaway is the best ever is helped along by this guide to the best coffee shops in Fort Walton Beach!

Main Brew Coffee, 661 Beal Pkwy NW

Serving up welcoming and warmth with every cup they sell, Main Brew Coffee has a passion for the bean that is apparent with every sip. Offering an extensive espresso menu for those who dare to be different and an even more varied brewed coffee menu, the only negative about Main Brew is knowing this is not a chain; to continue drinking their coffee, you can’t ever leave Fort Walton Beach!

Bad Ass Coffee, 1708 Scenic Gulf Drive, Destin

There’s a huge discussion brewing over where the best beans in the world are grown, but Bad Ass Coffee is here to put an end to the debate once and for all. Almost exclusively selling Hawaiian roasts, they know their brews beat all others! With names like Black Widow, Haole’s Revenge, and our personal favorite, Jitter Juice, coffee aficionados will find themselves very much at home in this laidback establishment.

One of the Best Coffee Shops in Fort Walton BeachCapriccio Café, 810 Harbor Boulevard

Italian is the word in this charming café and coffee shop, and the gourmet coffees they serve will bring a smile to the palate of the finickiest java drinkers! Featuring sandwiches and salads in addition to their pastries and, of course, that black gold without which we can’t function, the comfortable and laidback atmosphere adds to its appeal. Your Fort Walton Beach vacation will not be complete without a short road trip to one of the best best coffee shops in Fort Walton Beach!

Your Vacation Escape with The Breakers

Sometimes the best coffee is the one we brew ourselves, and the fully-equipped kitchens in our classic condo rentals make it easy to do! Pour yourself a cup to enjoy as you sit out on the balcony, enjoying the sight of the Florida sun rising over the turquoise waters of the gulf. Reserve your condo from The Breakers today!