The world has changed drastically over the last several months. We have seen things happen across the world we did not think possible. Instead of keeping our minds focused on the negatives, we want you to look forward to a positive experience in Fort Walton Beach. Any memorable Fort Walton Beach vacation getaway starts with a comfortable vacation rental that will keep you comfortable throughout your stay. In order to do so in today’s times, we have upped our already rigorous cleaning process for each rental. Doing so will help you maintain peace of mind to let and allow you to enjoy what Fort Walton Beach has to offer.

Your Rental Prepped and Waiting for Your Fort Walton Beach Vacation

Making sure your vacation rental is cleaned and prepared for your trip is our top priority. Even before 2020 brought up a health crisis, we always prided ourselves in our thorough cleaning process. Each vacation property is professionally cleaned prior to your arrival. Before guests arrive, we make sure every counter space in the unit is properly cleaned with our cleaning solution. This ensures any bacteria or viruses are wiped out immediately. We will thoroughly clean the countertops in the kitchen, dining area, living area, bathrooms, and every bedroom. You should feel right at home from the moment you step into our properties.

We also make sure the floor space is also spotless. You can easily bring inside particles from outside, especially sand, as our rentals are right by the beach. We will vacuum any carpeted areas and wash any hard surfaces. No one wants to have a gritty feeling on their feet as they walk through their vacation property.

Another important part of our cleaning process is making sure each and every linen is thoroughly washed. You will not find a bedsheet or blanket that was not washed prior to your arrival. We understand that it can bring peace of mind to bring your own sheets with you, but this will only take up space in your luggage that can instead be used for fun items needed for your vacation. Rest assured that each item is thoroughly washed so you can show up ready to relax.

More Space for You to Enjoy

Another way to ensure everyone’s safety and health is by giving them plenty of space in which to relax. Hotels simply cannot do the trick, as most hotels only offer a single room that is shared by up to 4 people. Staying in our spacious vacation condos means you will have all the space you need. Our vacation rentals offer enough bedrooms for your party. They also include the extra spaces you have at home such as a kitchen, dining area, and living area. Not only is having plenty of room good for your physical health, but it feels much more comfortable as well. Vacation getaways are all about relaxing and having the best time. We understand that can be a little difficult if you are crammed into a small room with others for days at a time.

Rental Benefits Over a Hotel

As we mentioned already, our vacation rentals offer plenty of benefits over local hotels. Not only do our condos offer much more space, but they come with plenty of exciting features. In a regular hotel you may be lucky to have a mini fridge that is stocked with items that cost more than an arm and a leg. In our vacation rentals, you will have full appliances such as a fridge, oven, stove top, and more. Some businesses may not be fully open for dine-in services, making it a little more difficult to get dinner. If you want to enjoy takeout from the many incredible local restaurants in the area or wish to prepare your own meal, you will have plenty of space in these kitchens and dining areas.

Hotels do offer some fun services like a pool and onsite gym. While that’s true, that is nothing compared to what we offer! You can find a pool, hot tub, and gym at our property as well as so much more. Outdoor games can also be found here, allowing you to let loose and have some fun. We take cleaning seriously, so our gym is cleaned multiple times a day. You will feel right at home in our vacation rentals when you stay with The Breakers.

Look Forward to Your Fort Walton Beach Getaway

You will feel right at home with us in our luxury vacation rentals found just off the coast in Fort Walton Beach. As you can see, we take sanitation seriously, especially with what is going on in the world. Call today to reserve your rental with us in Fort Walton Beach!