The most popular vacation destinations can also be the most crowded of ones—unless you know the places that most tourists do not. When it’s time for your sojourn to Fort Walton Beach, you have an extra ace up your sleeve. Your Breakers FWB vacation escape isn’t just a place to rest your head each night; it’s a vacation experience filled with exciting adventures, delicious foods, and visits to spots that are off the beaten path. Our guide to shows some off the beaten path Fort Walton Beach attractions that allow you a getaway that is peaceful and serene!

Air Force Armament Museum, 100 Museum Drive, Eglin AFB

Fort Walton Beach is a big military town; Eglin Air Force Base makes its home here in our fair city, and it is only fitting that the Air Force Armament Museum is located right outside its gates. Exploring the evolution of aviation from the early days of Air Force flight to today, the museum is home to over 29 military aircraft. Future pilots will thrill to get an up close and personal look at the B52 Bomber, while the reclusive members of your traveling group will thrill at the peace and quiet offered at the Armament Museum.

Taste Tapas & Wine Bar, 196 Miracle Strip Parkway SE

When you live in paradise, you have to expect that certain restaurants may cost more at certain times of the year, but you also learn where the restaurants are that cater to the regional crowd. Taste Tapas & Wine Bar is one such place, serving small plates and offering an extensive wine menu in a cozy and unpretentious cottage right here on the Miracle Strip. Although it is popular with the locals, you’re more than likely not going to find the extreme lines that can occur during tourist season, and the prices are reasonable, making it one of our favorite local spots!

Destin Jetties

If this is your first visit to the area, you definitely need to try snorkeling, one of the best Fort Walton Beach attractions. Our waters are clear, the sea life found within is colorful, and when you snorkel at the Destin Jetties, your only company (besides the sea creatures) will be residents that understand the secrets of this idyllic spot! This man-made structure, built of rocks and cement, was constructed to be a gateway for boats to get in and out of Destin and has become the spot for a large number of fish—an unintentional artificial reef!

The Center of Your Fort Walton Beach Attractions

While it is nice when your vacationing activities are quiet and uncrowded, you don’t want your vacation rental to be off the beaten path; you want to be in the center of it all, and your Breakers FWB beachfront condo is exactly that! Located close to the action and offering views that will never cease to amaze, our properties are designed for travelers who are looking for the best in life. Reserve yours today!