The ongoing health crisis associated with COVID-19 has been difficult for everyone. This is especially true for the shutdown of travel services across the country. However, many local and national businesses are currently offering their services online, and some are even free! Here are some online resources for at-home Fort Walton Beach entertainment to help you stay connected to the world.

Workout at Home with Workout Anytime

One type of business that has been hit hard by the recent shutdowns for COVID-19 is gyms. These large facilities frequently have individuals directly interact with one another. Workout Anytime is a locally owned gym in Fort Walton Beach that is temporarily closed for the health crisis. However, they are still offering plenty of ways for you to work out from home. Workout Anytime has a YouTube channel where you can watch the “Workout of the Day.” This is a great way to stay fit while remaining indoors. Additionally, clients of Workout Anytime can download their app for additional exercise routines that can be done from the comfort and safety of your home.

Get Virtual with the Emerald Coast Science Center

A local favorite for visitors of Fort Walton Beach is the Emerald Coast Science Center. This attraction is a great place for children of all ages to experience hands-on learning. The Emerald Coast Science Center is temporarily closed until May 1st. However, they understand how crucial learning is and offer a livestream every morning at 10:00 AM. These livestreams include animal viewings and science demonstrations. Each video will go live on Facebook and will remain there so you can see everything you have missed.

Check Out the Arts & Design Society of Fort Walton Beach

Art lovers will enjoy the Arts & Design Society of Fort Walton Beach once they reopen after May 1st. This local society offers classes, events, and programs all focused on the arts. You can learn a new art skill or engage with other art lovers from the Emerald Coast. The Arts & Design Society is still active on their Facebook account. Log in and check out all the incredible art offered by local artists in the area. This is a great way to remain connected with fellow art lovers as we are staying safe indoors.

Online Retail Therapy is Great At-Home Fort Walton Beach Entertainment

One of the best ways to reduce your stress is by shopping. Many of the local businesses in Fort Walton Beach and the greater Emerald Coast will remain open online for business. This includes local restaurants, boutiques, and many other shops. Local radio station WFTW 1260 is helping local businesses put their name out. Check out their webpage for a frequently updated list of which businesses are still open in your area. You can shop from these businesses online or call ahead for a pickup order. Other local businesses are also using social media such as Facebook and Instagram to promote online shopping. Get creative and see what you can find!

Relax with a Movie

One of the biggest shifts from the COVID-19 health crisis is the temporary closure of all movie theaters. Fort Walton Beach is known for popular cinemas including Suds n Cinema and Regal Sun Plaza. While these theaters will be closed until further notice, you may have noticed many big movies have started releasing on streaming platforms. Have your own personal movie night by streaming these special releases from the safety of your home. Of course, once everything is back to normal, patrons should continue to support local movie theaters for all future releases.

Watch Animal Feedings and Educational Videos Online

Another popular attraction that is currently closed is the Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park. This attraction features dozens of aquatic animals that can be seen and interacted with. With the temporary closure, Gulfarium is posting exciting videos online of animal feedings, educational stories, and more to keep you entertained. You can access these videos by visiting Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park’s Facebook page. Interact with others in the community who adore these incredible animals as we wait for a return date.

United in Fort Walton Beach

This is a difficult time for everyone, but together we will get through the COVID-19 crisis. We are dedicated to providing you with an incredible experience in Fort Walton Beach even with the current travel restrictions in place. Let our staff help you find the perfect vacation rental for a future visit that will be worth the wait. Each property features great amenities such as access to our gym and tennis courts, while each individual unit has plenty to offer inside. Come see why Fort Walton Beach is the best destination for your post-COVID-19 getaway! Enjoy the Fort Walton Beach entertainment on your vacation!