As you frolic in the surf, explore the natural beauty of the landscape, and dip in and out of the shops that dot the streets of our favorite town on the Gulf, there is one more thing that you will do pretty much every day that is destined to ensure that you never want to visit any place else on earth! We are talking about starting each day with a big and hearty breakfast, prepared and served by anyone else EXCEPT you, in some of our favorite restaurants, diners, and cafes in Fort Walton Beach. The doctors have always told us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and although you often make do with a coffee and a pastry in your real life, vacation living is guaranteed to be enhance when you stop in at any or all of the restaurants we have listed in this guide to our favorite spots for breakfast in Fort Walton Beach.

Asiago’s Skillet, 110 Amberjack Drive

You are definitely going to want to fuel up for your Fort Walton Beach adventures, but sometimes, after a long night out at the clubs, you also need a little something breakfast-y to soak up the effects of too many adult beverages, and Asiago’s Skillet, open every day from midnight until noon, is where you will want to be! Featuring healthy dishes for those who still care about fitting in their bikinis and a giant selection of dishes for everyone else, it is obviously their skillets that are their claim to fame. Our favorite is the Steak Skillet made with homestyle potatoes topped with sirloin steak, peppers, onions, mushrooms, asiago cheese & two eggs, but we can promise that everything on their menu is a delight!

The Breakfast Place, 789 Beal Parkway NW

B is for best breakfast place ever, and The Breakfast Place definitely lives up to its name! B is also for biscuits and gravy which will you fall in love with, just one of many dishes you will miss when you have to leave. Open every day of the week from 5:30 until 1:00 PM (they also have some lunch specials, but it is their breakfasts we are here for today!) and serving classic breakfast dishes in a casual and comfortable diner style restaurant, everyone feels welcomed when they come in and full when they leave!

Chicken ‘N the Egg, 348 Miracle Strip Parkway NW

The age-old question of which came first will never be important again, especially as you devour both in this cozy diner located on the most popular strip in the state! Serving breakfast and lunch and open every day from 6 AM until 3 PM, we can honestly say we have never even a so-so meal here, and if you ask us our favorite dish, well it would be like having to choose our favorite child! If you absolutely HAVE to have us choose a favorite, we say go for the Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs. The Chicken N’ the Egg is not a chain restaurant, but there is a second restaurant in Pensacola that you can explore if you are out and about.

The Little Griddle, 118 Brooks Street SE

The beach lifestyle is a casual and laidback one, and the Little Griddle fits in just right. Your eggs will come from a food truck, to be enjoyed at colorful tables made from cable spools around which mismatched chairs placed on a simple shell and gravel patio. This is not a restaurant you visit to see and be seen; this is a spot for eating breakfast sandwiches served in Styrofoam containers under blue skies. Umbrellas provide shelter from smaller rains, so don’t let a few drops of water stop you from enjoying the most tasteful Eggzorito you have ever experienced!

Joe & Eddie’s Family Restaurant, 400 Eglin Parkway NE

When family gathers together for a big and happy breakfast, Joe & Eddy’s is right there, offering the foods you love! Open every day of the week, this comfortable café is known throughout the state for its plate-sized waffles, farm fresh eggs, and big fluffy biscuits that will become your new obsession. Serving breakfast all day in a casual and welcoming environment, they are open until 6:30 on weekdays and until 2:30 on weekends, so if you are craving an early bird dinner with breakfast as the star, come early and enjoy!

The Choices for Breakfast in Fort Walton Beach Are Nearly Limitless

No one appreciates a good breakfast more than a Southerner, so although we have listed quite a few tasty spots here, you can rest assured that are quite a few more available! Check out the Neighborhood Café for a friendly vibe, Mother Earth’s Café for natural foods that are good for you, or Okaloosa Donuts when you just can’t go another day without a delicious donut. Bringing back your leftovers to your vacation getaway with The Breakers will ensure that you enjoy every bite, no matter how small your appetite. Reserve your stay with us today!

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