Don’t let the summer heat of Fort Walton Beach get you down. While the temperatures in Fort Walton Beach are never scorching, there is still no reason why you should not enjoy a cool treat during the summer season. Here are some of our favorite places to visit in Fort Walton Beach where you can find the perfect cold treat:

Bippy’s by the Beach

There is something special about having a relaxing day at the beach with some of your favorite cool treats in hand. Bippy’s by the Beach is a local favorite frozen yogurt stand that serves up a dozen different flavors for you to enjoy. Best of all, it is located right on the beaches of Fort Walton Beach, making it easy to access when you are lounging on the white sandy beaches. Bippy’s by the Beach is open 11:00am to 10:00pm daily so you have plenty of time to enjoy their cool treats.

Pine Gelato Café Boardwalk

Ice cream enthusiasts will tell you that gelato has much more flavor and texture than regular old ice cream. Enjoy this cool treat at Pine Gelato Café Boardwalk where you can get whole scoops of your favorite flavor or try out a sample tray. The outdoor patio lets you take your treat outside so you can enjoy the warm summer temperatures. Pine Gelato Café Boardwalk is open daily from 10:00am to 10:00pm.


The adults will have a blast at local hang out spot Coaster’s with their ice-cold beer and handmade cocktails. Enjoy your favorite frozen beverages such as margaritas from the indoor bar or take them outside on the expansive patio. Coaster’s is open until 4:00am every night so the adults can play after the kids have all gone to bed. They offer large flat screen TVs for all of your favorite sports games along with live music, darts, billiards, and foosball.

Okaloosa National Mini Golf & Ice Cream

Enjoy an exciting round of mini golf with 23 different flavors of ice cream at Okaloosa National Mini Golf & Ice Cream. The two separate courses offer 18 holes each, so you have plenty to putt when you visit this local attraction. We’re sure they will have your favorite ice cream flavor on hand as well!

Keep Cool in Fort Walton Beach

Head over to Fort Walton Beach just in time for summer this season. Our luxury vacation rentals will keep you cool with a variety of amenities and keep you close to all of these delicious ice cream treat centers. Book online today and get ready for a wonderful journey to Fort Walton Beach.