The tropical climate of Fort Walton Beach ensures that at least one day of your fabulous Florida getaway promises to be a rainy one, but that does not mean that you have to count that day as a waste! Instead, take the gray skies, heavy clouds, and excess dampness as a signal that today is the day to slow down and explore indoor possibilities that you might otherwise have ignored in your beach excitement. Take a little extra time sipping your coffee on the balcony in the morning, explore the possibilities for some indoor family fun, and choose this day to spoil and pamper yourself. This guide to fun under gray skies is all you need to make every minute of a soggy day filled with activities in Fort Walton Beach one that you will not want to end!

A Peek into the Past

Today we are a resort town that still manages to hold on to its small village charms, but Fort Walton Beach was not always a beach lover’s escape, and the history of our more humble beginnings can be explored with a visit to the Indian Temple Mound Museum, and if you are willing to risk a little rain fall, all the other museums in the compound will change the way you look at rainy days forevermore! The Indian Temple Mound Museum, located at 139 Miracle Strip Parkway, is where your trip back into history begins. Offering an exploration of over 12,000 years of Native American history, this building is where you will find exhibits that include prehistoric ceramic pieces, leftovers from early explorers, and a variety of other artifacts made from stone, bone, clay, and so much more. Dashing through the raindrops on paths that offer signage telling even more of the history of the area, you can examine an early Fort Walton Beach schoolhouse, looking as if the children just left for the day! The compound of history also includes the Heritage Park & Cultural Center, a structure filled with exhibits that date back to the Civil War, the Garnier Post Office, and the Fort Walton Temple Mound. The Mound was once the residence of the leader and was often used for religious ceremonies, but it is outside, so while you are losing yourself in the history of Fort Walton Beach, you may find yourself feeling a little damp!

Taking Time for You

Real life means spending most of the minutes in every day taking care of other people’s needs, but on this damp day in paradise, it is time to put your needs at the forefront, something that can be accomplished with a visit to Pure Spa, located at 132A Perry Avenue SE. Stop in for a simple massage or spend some serious hours getting spoiled as you partake in one of a variety of spa packages! For the ultimate in pampering and togetherness, sign you and your favorite traveling partner up for Pure Spa’s Couple’s Escape Spa Package, offering a 90-minute hot stone body scrub and massage and hot stone pedicures for two. Accompanied by wine and chocolate, you will not care what the weather is outside as you and your love spend time together renewing your feelings while being spoiled beyond reason!

No Mud Puddles in Here

Keeping kids clean and dry on a rainy day is usually a goal you can’t accomplish, even on your best days, but jumping in mud puddles won’t be a consideration when you spend a drizzly day exploring the fun of science at the Emerald Coast Science Center! Located at 31 Memorial Parkway SW and offering an exciting collection of hands-on exhibits and activities in Fort Walton Beach, it is the animal exhibits that will turn an already wonderful day into one your child will never forget. Including an African gray parrot named Ivan, an African pygmy hedgehog named Rubin, and the most adorable set of triplet sugar gliders, you will almost forgive the Science Center for including tarantulas, scorpions, and snakes in their exhibits!

Delicious Luxuries

A good meal filled with all your favorite comfort foods is one of life’s greatest luxuries, and on a rainy day in Florida, there are a variety of options for your dining pleasures. Simple dishes taste simply wonderful in the soul food options found at Julie’s Southern Joy Homestyle Cooking, 258 Eglin Parkway NE, and because they serve breakfast AND lunch, in theory, you could spend most of your rainy day just eating the amazing dishes they serve! Of course, you would have to leave before dinner, as they close at 2 PM, but if you have not yet filled up on comfort foods, Mary’s Kitchen, 99 Eglin Parkway NE, is open from 11 AM until 8 PM. Let the rain fall all it wants as you spend a day with Julie AND Mary, enjoying biscuits and gravy for breakfast, fried chicken or catfish for lunch, and chicken fried steak and macaroni and cheese for dinner.

Slow Down and Relax

Of course, the best way to enjoy any rainy day is by not going out at all, especially when you are staying in one of our Breakers vacation sanctuaries! Sleep late, watch the rain fall from the balcony, and pat yourself on the back for choosing our luxurious escapes. Reserve yours today!