What’s better than a day spent by the beach when it’s sunny and 75°? When it’s sunny and 75° in November at The Breakers of Fort Walton Beach. This type of paradise is one of the reasons why fall travelers visit Fort Walton Beach for their fall vacation destination.

While the rest of the country is breaking out their winter jackets and snowshoes, here on the Emerald Coast we’re still rocking bathing suits and flip-flops. Even though our sugar white sands may resemble freshly fallen snow, we can promise that it’s nice and warm for your toes. You won’t see too many locals jumping in the water as we like our water bath temperature, folks that aren’t from around here like to take the plunge. They say it is very refreshing.

What Makes Fall Special?

Now you may be thinking, “Fort Walton Beach is always warm and sunny. What makes fall so different?” Though we can’t deny that you can visit Fort Walton Beach year-round, what makes fall so different are the crowds. More specifically, the lack thereof.  

We know folks love taking walks along the shore to clear their head. But it’s hard to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet when the sound of the waves crashing upon the shore is drowned out by sounds of the crowd. Not during the fall though! During the fall you’ll find nearly empty beaches, perfect for those long, relaxing walks.

After you’ve relaxed a bit and cleared your head, it’s time to enjoy the fall fun in Fort Walton Beach! There are plenty of fall festivals and events that the whole family can enjoy.

Grab a cold one and take a bite out of some juicy, hot BBQ during the annual Blues, Brews, and BBQ at the HarborWalk Village. The event is normally held in November, so be sure to check it out for updated information. The food is amazing, so be sure to come hungry!

If you want to visit Fort Walton Beach but BBQ doesn’t get your taste buds all excited, but rather something a little more salty, then drive on over to the Coastal Boil. The HarborWalk Village will be overflowing with fresh Gulf seafood with all the fixin’s for you to sink your teeth into.

For More Things to Do When You Visit Fort Walton Beach…

Our favorite thing about fall is all the fun that’s just waiting to happen! Whether you’re soaking up the clear skies and warm sand or enjoying your favorite festivals, the whole family is sure to find their fall paradise in Fort Walton Beach. Reach out to us for more suggestions or for help booking a beautiful vacation rental in Fort Walton Beach

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