Sunscreen Tips

It’s going to be a long hot summer so might as well pack up the car and head to the beach to live it up like a Florida local. The sand is warm, the water feels great, and the view from our beach chairs just can’t be beat! But other than living life without any worries, how do us locals survive this summer sun? Lucky for you we’ve learned a few Florida tips over the years.

This goes without saying, but we all know that Florida is HOT!!! People always ask us, “How do the locals avoid staying sunburnt all summer?” Well, there are a few answers to that question.

The sun rays are the strongest between 11am and 3pm, so keep that in mind when you’re planning your outdoor activities for the day. This doesn’t mean we’re hiding from the sun all day in a dark room, but we know when to take precautions. Always keep sunscreen with you and apply it regularly (we try to reapply every two hours or so). Applying it 15-30 minutes before going outside also helps it soak in.

You’re probably thinking, “okay, I’ve heard all this before,” but let’s just test how much you know. Let’s imagine you’re at the store getting sunscreen and you see SPF 45 and SPF 75+. Which do you choose for the best coverage?

Psst, the answer isn’t SPF 75+.

When it comes to sunscreen, products with a higher SPF value are often misleading. Everyone’s skin is different, but when looking for our own sunscreen we look for products with an SPF between 30 and 50. But there’s more you can do to prevent sunburns than just applying sunscreen.

Don’t forget to cover up from head to toe, literally. Most people forget about putting sunscreen on hands, feet, back of the neck, and even ears. And to top it all off, your head can still get sunburnt even if you have a full head of hair. We highly suggest finding a baseball cap you love or floppy hat and always keeping it real close.

If you do happen to get sunburned, don’t worry – we have a few tips for that too! Don’t tell anyone, but even locals get sunburnt every once in awhile. Our secret local hack to treating a sunburn is to use vinegar. Both apple cider vinegar or regular malt vinegar work just the same. You can either put it directly on the burn or add some to a cool bath and soak in it. This will help take away the stinging, burning, and tightness of a sunburn. As an added bonus, it helps prevent peeling! 

After you soak in some vinegar, your skin is in need of some serious hydration. Some locals like to reach for their favorite thick lotion while others keep aloe plants for this purpose. Simply break off a leaf and apply the clear gel-like substance to your skin. It feels great!!! Many of us do this rather we have a burn or not. The goodness that you get straight from an aloe plant, can’t be beat.

Even with sunscreen and a hat, after a day in the sun those with fair skin might notice their cheeks still get a little red. While you can use vinegar on your face to help dry skin, using tea bags will also help ease a puffy sunburnt face.

Now that you’ve learned the sunburn secrets from a Florida local, it’s time to enjoy some fun in the sun! There’s nothing better than heading on down to the emerald green waters, sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying the rays.

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