You may think we’re a little biased when we say that Fort Walton Beach is one of the most beautiful spots on earth—at least until you take some time for a visit and verify this very truthful fact on your own! From white sand beaches that frame the clear turquoise waters of the Gulf to the emerald green landscape that makes you feel as if you have reached paradise, our enchanting town has won the hearts of travelers from all over the world, and when you visit any of these most beautiful parks in Fort Walton Beach Florida, you’ll discover the views can get even better!

John Beasley Park, 1550 Miracle Strip Parkway SE

As you can well imagine, any park on the beach in this area is bound to take your breath away, and John Beasley Park is no exception. Featuring a long stretch of snowy white sand beaches, a large number of picnic tables, and an extraordinary pavilion that creates the perfect entrance to this exquisite beach park, your time spent here will linger in your memory long after you are back home reluctantly facing your everyday life!

Liza Jackson Park

Also offering white sand beaches, it’s the greenery that amps up the wow factor of Liza Jackson Park—green grass growing along the creek that feeds into a larger body of water, the trees that frame the paths, and the occasional flash of green found in the swimsuits, shorts, and flip flops worn by visitors to this piece of paradise. Also offering a playground, a fishing pier, and picnic tables, your visit to this park promises to be a memorable one, and you’ll be especially happy that your cell phone has a great camera!

Heritage Park and Cultural Center, 139 Miracle Strip Parkway SE

Sometimes the beauty of a place isn’t all about the scenery; it can involve the history of the area involved. Heritage Park and Cultural Center is a perfect example. Offering a collection of historical buildings and artifacts, some dating back to 14,000 BC, as you explore the beauty of this park in Fort Walton Beach Florida you can almost hear the whispers of those who have come before you, excited to share their stories with you.

Not a Park in Fort Walton Beach Florida, But Still So Beautiful

You don’t have to go to a park to find the most beautiful location in Fort Walton Beach; The Breakers of Fort Walton Beach offers vacation escapes with views you will never forget, and the memories made here will be magical. Reserve your stay today and discover how much more wonderful your Florida vacation can be!