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Beach Wedding

Things to Know About a Florida Beach Wedding


There’s always been a romantic, other-worldly charm to a small beach ceremony. The gentle ocean waves and beautiful sunsets make the perfect backdrop to exchange vows. However, there are some things to know before planning your big day on the sea shore. Ditch the Ballgown! If you’re a ‘bling’ bride, this probably isn’t for you. But unless you plan on waltzing down the aisle to the tune of “Tale as

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Beach Vacation

Fort Walton Beach Activities You Don’t Need a Fast Pass to Enjoy


  Time is too valuable to stand around for 2 hours waiting on 2 minutes worth of spinning tea cups. And when you have to buy an additional pass to get the most out of your tickets, where do you find the time to take a step back and soak in the euphoria that is being on vacation? Here are a few stress-free activities that are free of  special passes

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