Emerald Coast Water Chills

While it’s always a thrill each time you vacation at the Breakers, sometimes we just gotta chill. Whether it’s relaxing out by the pool, getting lost in a book on the shore, or taking a dip in the Gulf, there’s nothing better than taking it easy during your Emerald Coast family vacation. Chill out and beat the Florida heat with some of our favorite water chills.

Catamaran Cruise

Kick back and relax on the back of a catamaran as you soak in the sun that shimmers off the waves splashing beside you. Once anchored, grab a snorkel and mask and take a dive into the water! Take a sunset cruise and end your day gazing at the shades of purples and oranges exploding from the sky as you enjoy the laid back atmosphere on the water.


If you enjoy getting up close with nature and experiencing the unique natural environments found on the Emerald Coast, then taking a kayak eco-tour is your ideal type of water chill. Embark on a coastal excursion and explore the local ecosystems as you tour habitats such as the Coastal Dune Lakes, Backcountry Wilderness Saltwater, Sound Barrier Islands, or Native Dolphins Habitats.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Gain a whole new perspective as you glide on top of the cool emerald green waters when you try Stand Up Paddle Boarding. SUP is the water sport that is quickly making a splash with water sport junkies because of the “walking on water” sensation you feel as you propel yourself along. Hop on a board and paddle your way through the home of some of the most fascinating wildlife that call the Florida Gulf Coast home.

Airboat Tours

Add a little bit of thrill to your water chill when you take a ride on an Airboat tour. You’ll cruise in and around the Florida marshes and explore some of the only white sand islands on the Emerald Coast. Weather permitting, you’ll get a chance to wander through the Santa Rosa Sound to Pirate Cove and play behind Spectre Island, a natural environment full of wildlife that few people get a chance to explore.

Pirate Cruise

Join the scallywags and buccaneers onboard a family-friendly pirate adventure and find a treasure as you sail the emerald-green waters. With entertainment and interaction to create adventure and excitement for every mate aboard, join in on the merriment with sword fights, water gun battles, pirate storytelling, and treasure hunts.  

Coast along with your toes in the sand as the warm summer sun and the cool summer breeze greet you on the shore. When you’re ready to chill, head toward The Breakers of Fort Walton Beach before those summer days drift away.


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