famiy reunion at fort walton beach

When was the last time you had a family reunion that was actually fun? I mean let’s be honest? Its great to see everyone but why not do more then stand in a circle eating BBQ. Why not vacation with the whole family? It will give your family reunion a new spark of life and be something memorable for everyone.

Here is why your next family reunion needs to be at Fort Walton Beach:

  • A change of scenery: I don’t know where you typically go for your family reunions, but I don’t think anyone likes the idea of having everyone in a cramped kitchen, with no activities for the kids. Do you enjoy the kids running around crazy, thus driving you and the rest of the family crazy? This is where the change of scenery comes in quite handy. You want to spend quality time with your family, so do it somewhere that you can just relax and have fun with them. The beach is the perfect place. There is ample space for the kids to run free and the view is one of a kind. Fort Walton Beach is right on the Emerald Coast and is home to those beautiful white sands and mysteriously clear waters that everyone dreams about. Therefore, it is the ideal place for your family reunion, with the perfect change of scenery.
  • Cookout on the beach: Yes you can still do all your grilling and gathering, like always, but in a more fun and relaxing atmosphere. Eating on the beach is always super fun too. You get to hear the wind and the waves and enjoy good food with family that you may not have seen in awhile. So making the most of your time is crucial.
  • Activities for all: There is something for grandma, grandpa, cousins, and the kids alike. No one will have the famous ‘I’m bored’ complaint when you are building sandcastles together on the beach. Not to mention there are activities for just the grown ups to enjoy. How about a spa day, or a round of golf? Fort Walton Beach has both. For the kids there are dolphin cruises and boardwalks near Fort Walton Beach, which are bound to keep them and you happy. Imagine the whole family on a boat watching for dolphins.
  • Memories: Fort Walton Beach is a great place to add to your scrapbook of places you’ve been. You are sure to get great shots of the family enjoying the sugary- white sand and emerald waters on the Gulf Coast. It will definitely be an adventure worth remembering. Plus imagine a place that no one will have any complaints about. That in itself will be memorable enough.

These 4 reasons to host your family reunion at Fort Walton Beach should prove to you that the beach is the place to spend time and make new family memories. It is the perfect change in scenery along with the perfect place to have a full family adventure. The beach holds a lot of fun, but with extra activities you are sure to have the best family reunion yet. If you are considering having your family reunion at Fort Walton Beach then consider The Breakers for your accommodations.

With spacious fully furnished condos your entire family will be comfortable and be able to enjoy themselves. If you are not found of grilling, the Breakers reception room is equipped with a full kitchen for cooking or catering and plenty of space for up to 100 people. It is the perfect place for your next family gathering.

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